I am a very fortunate gal.  I have always loved my career.  And now I have two...   


After 35+ year career in custom-tailored massage therapy, I have semi-retired.  I now only offer a few massage appointments per month and fill the rest of my time creating, artistic designer "Embroidery Products & Services".  Established in 2009, I created what I call my "retirement business", encouraging my creative side while providing me the privilege of working with people.  Both of my businesses are all about you and your health and now adding something beautiful for your home.

I invite you to check-out both...  

Fawn Harmon, LMP - Custom-tailored Massage Therapy

Embroidery by Fawn - Custom Embroidery to enhance your home decor

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Fawn Harmon, LMP has over 35 years of hands-on experience in Family Practice Massage Therapy.  Specializing in therapeutic massage using Swedish & Lomi Lomi to Deep Tissue & Sports techniques.

"The best massage I have ever had!" says Nicole F., Seattle. 

"My years of experience has given me the ability to tune into my client's need the day of their massage.  There is a cause and effect from every discomfort and finding it requires customizing each massage I give, whether using the traditional Swedish strokes for gentle muscle care and relaxation or deep tissue work to relieve and loosen restrictions, the goal of each massage is to help you relax and renew."


Mornings - Tuesday - Saturday